happy summer!

the sun and heat are here.
are you doing your best summering?
i’m heading home to newfoundland soon!
been writing lots of new stuff;)


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the blacklist

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by gar it’s been a while.

I spent the better part of the summer summering.
Soaking it up. Loving it.
I struggle through the winters and I know this well of myself.
So in the summer I take as best advantage as possible.
There were low points, as that’s the way life goes.
One has to try and accept the bad when there is good.
Now I hunker down…well, I hope to.
I also enjoy autumn as well.
The colours, the scents, the crisp of the gentle air.
I am attempting to broaden my creative lenses.
Write as much as possible.
Not necessarily in song or poem form.
Just…write…ya know?
I am one of those folks who really wants to do a little bit of everything.
I have always been that way and I’m not sure if it will ever go away.
So I embrace it.
I was recently given FIVE Music Nova Scotia Award nominations.
Canada’s East coast is something really special and I am so glad to be doing what I do amongst this fantastic community.
Constantly inspiring, invigorating, challenging.
There are plans in the works folks!
More on that soon…..

Winter drifts away


The days are getting longer, friends.  Warmth and blossoms and patios will soon be upon us. I look forward to taking my dog to the beach, camping with friends, mini and last-minute road trips to the middle of nowhere. Drinks and chuckles into the sunset.

I’ve spent the better part of the past six months on the road seeing this fair country and saying hello to you (maybe) and singing some of my songs to you (maybe).
I have parts of me that are quite introverted but being on stage is the most comfortable feeling – so I hope to do that until I pass on from this topsy turvy world.  Sorry to get morbid there. ha.
Upcoming on the docket is some more touring, making a music video (I hope), and giving this album a second wind! I’ve also been intently listening to a lot of music in that way one does when they are looking down the pipe of thinking of recording again….see how non-committal I was there?
To me that means I look at song structure, vocal tones, production styles.  The ‘package’ in which these little songs are delivered.
Enough on that though…let’s get to summer and some live shows.
Let’s get to work!
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