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“Wander Songs” from Halifax based musician Don Brownrigg was released in 2007. Finally 6 years later Don has returned to the East Coast music scene with a new album, “It Takes All Kinds” (to make this world, I find) and a new record deal from Tiny Records Canada.

With the help of well known East Coast Music Award producer Daniel Ledwell, the album took two years to record and not only did Don write all the songs but he sang, played guitar, keyboard and accordion on the record as well.  The recently released album consists of songs that are vibrant and honest and it forces the listener to think about the good and the bad of our deepest feelings and emotions.  I expect that Don Brownrigg must have experienced some of life’s greatest ups and downs during the 6years in between albums as you cannot help but overhear the hurt and hope in, It Takes All Kinds.

“It Takes All Kinds”(to make this world, I find) is an album with beautiful slow songs that make you think and a few upbeat catchy hook laden songs which will find you humming the tunes and perhaps even dancing in your kitchen.

As an artist Don Brownrigg is an expert on stage, his deep, soulful tone is filled with wisdom and his storytelling as a singer songwriter has garnered him a fan base all over Canada. He has already toured Europe, the United States and Canada with incredible musicians such as Shawn Colvin, The Great Lake Swimmers and Serena Ryder to name a few but I honestly believe that this 2013 release will make Don Brownrigg a household name. ~Fleur Mainville, The News

Penguin Eggs Feature excerpt – Autumn, 2013

“It Takes All Kinds (to make this world, I find) is a subdued 10-song collection of smartly crafted songs, beautifully framed in an understated production… built around Brownrigg’s relaxed and captivating voice, over a bed of acoustic piano, guitars and laid-back drumming. The tunes then begin to swirl with lush arrangements that bring the deceptively quiet songs to life.”  ~Penquin Eggs

The MusicNerd Chronicles

If your first inclination is to consider Halifax-based Don Brownrigg to be a
run-of-the-mill songwriter, you had best reconsider that classification.
While it is obvious that Brownrigg honours the fine songwriting tradition of
fellow Canucks like Ron Sexsmith, there is a depth to Brownrigg’s songs that
can be alternately uplifting (There Is Nothing, Sweet Dream Sleeper) as
easily as they can be downright haunting and serene (Just Breathe, I Think
I’m Leaving Halifax). ~The MusicNerd Chronicles

The Coast

Don Brownrigg should ready himself for an onslaught of the music journalism cliche of a “long-awaited album.” October 22’s It Takes All Kinds, his first on MapleMusic, has been accumulating many impatient listeners-to-be. “All that buzz may be the patter of people’s fingertips tapping in succession on the table as they wait for me to friggin’ put it out,” Brownrigg jokes. “I don’t know! I didn’t know there was buzz!” Delicately painted folk pop water colours strum our collective pain of being grown-ups. “These songs are all pretty much of a coming-of-age and into adulthood theme. Songs of solitude and thought. About searching for, but not really wanting, consistency,” he says. “Songs of looking for a theme in life, I guess.”  ~The Coast Fall Preview 2013

Mixtape Magazine

Standout tracks include the first single, Sweet Dream Sleeper, and No Smoke, No Gun, two dark yet upbeat tracks that will have you bobbing your head and tapping your feet before you even realize it, as well as the vintage-feeling The Swing Song, with Jenn Grant’s unmistakable backing vocals trailing lazily after Brownrigg’s. However, emotional tracks like Just Breathe and Fight For Your Castle are where Brownrigg truly shines; the depth and nuance of his voice are perfectly showcased on these slower songs. ~Mixtape Magazine

The Halifax Musicphile

*It Takes All Kinds (to make this world, I find) is the best Canadian album released in 2013.  The first single “Sweet Dream Sleeper” has been a mainstay in the CBC Radio 2 Top 20 since its release in July and Brownrigg should garner numerous East Coast Music Association nominations and with any luck some Juno nominations and a Polaris Music Prize nomination for his latest spectacular release.  It Takes All Kinds hits all the right notes.  The album will make you think; it will make you reflect; it will make you dance; it will make you sing; and it may even make you cry.  And as for Brownrigg, this album should make him a household name. 
~The Halifax Musicphile

Indie Blender

It Takes All Kinds (to make it in this world, I find), is so good that it’s distracting me from even writing about it. I just want to keep replaying it over and over, and Just Breathe is my absolute favourite song at the moment.  ~Indie Blender


It’s been almost six years since Don Brownrigg released his debut LP, 2007’s Wander Songs, and now the Halifax-based songwriter is finally ready to follow it up. He’s just inked a deal with the newly minted tinyrecordscanada (licensed through MapleMusic Recordings) and on October 22 will release It Takes All Kinds (to make this world, I find).

The album was recorded in Nova Scotia over a two-year period with producer Daniel Ledwell (Jenn Grant, Quiet Parade). In addition to singing, Brownrigg played guitar, keyboard and accordion, while Ledwell contributed guitar, bass, keyboard and horns.
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Song of the day: Don Brownrigg, “Just Breathe” (Southern Souls)

I like this guy a lot. Don Brownrigg is a really wonderful musician and also basically the nicest person in the entire world. He’s from Newfoundland and his songs will break your heart (those two things aren’t related, I don’t think).

He filmed this video of Just Breathe, from his upcoming release It Takes All Kinds (to Make This World, I Find) with the folks at Southern Souls and it’s just lovely.

You can follow Don on Facebook and Twitter, and keep an eye out for his album which will be out in October! Oh, and did you know you can get the first single, Sweet Dream Sleeper, now? You can! Right here. There you go. Enjoy. ~Sea Legs Collective