It’s been almost six years since Don Brownrigg released his debut LP, 2007’s Wander Songs, and now the Halifax-based songwriter is finally ready to follow it up. He’s just inked a deal with the newly minted tinyrecordscanada (licensed through MapleMusic Recordings) and on October 22 will release It Takes All Kinds (to make this world, I find).

The album was recorded in Nova Scotia over a two-year period with producer Daniel Ledwell (Jenn Grant, Quiet Parade). In addition to singing, Brownrigg played guitar, keyboard and accordion, while Ledwell contributed guitar, bass, keyboard and horns.

A press release promises that the album contains “10 honest and vivid songs,” which apparently offer both commercial appeal and artistic credibility.

Brownrigg shed some light on the titled with this statement: “There’s love, there’s loss, there’s hope, there’s regret. There’s seriousness and there’s silliness. I like it that way. It keeps you thinking about the good and the bad in everything. It takes all kinds.” ~Exclaim